Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Here we describe how you use your own computer to interact with department and campus computing resources. Our services integrate well into a wide variety of preferences and workflows.

  • Do you need to make use of UW–L Okta to authenticate on a browser running Linux? Refer to okta.
  • Do you need to open a terminal and run commands on your local computer? Refer to open-a-terminal.
  • Do you want to connect to the command-line of a remote machine? Refer to ssh.
  • Do you want to copy files between your computer and a remote machine? Refer to scp.
  • Do you want to make a remote directory available as if it where just another drive on your machine? Refer to mounting a network drive.
  • Are you working from an off-campus Internet connection? Refer to vpn.
  • Not sure which text editor to use? Refer to plain text editors.