I am always interested in working with MSE students on capstone projects. Below are instructions for proposing a project to me, as well as projects I am interested in working on.

Proposing a project: I'm happy to advise projects in any number of areas. While my specialty is human-computer/human-robot interaction, your capstone does not necessarily need to be in that domain. If your project idea requires specialized knowledge in a domain I am not proficient in (e.g., parallel computing), I may suggest you seek out another advisor, or at least be aware that I will be of limited help during your capstone if you run into problems in that domain. If you are still interested in working with me, please put together a two page document outlining your project's goal, envisioned functionality, required algorithms/technologies, and your familiarity with said algorithms/technologies. You can then email this document to me, and after I have had a chance to look over it, I will email you to set up a meeting and discuss whether I am a good fit to advise your project.

Projects I am interested in: I am broadly interested in the areas of human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, and smarthome/internet of things. My project ideas broadly fall into these categories. Some projects I am interested in include: