Our stellar programs attract oustanding students from around the world who work closely with our faculty to advance state-of-the-art research in computing technologies. We attribute our success to a strong tradition of collaborative research, close working relationships with local industries, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated committment to student achievement.

We offer bachelor of science degrees in computer science (CS), computer engineering (CPE), and a master's degree in software engineering (MSE). Our MSE program is unique within the UW system and offers graduates very desiriable employment opportunities. We also offer a very popular dual-degree program that awards students a BS in Computer Science and a Master's in Software Engineering within a condensed time frame of only five years. If you have any questions please contact us at

Schedules and Events

Lab and Tutor: TBD
MFT exam: Apr 28th and May 5th
MSE Proposals Due: Nov 15th or Apr 1st
Coders: Weekly | TBD
Makeshift: Weekly | TBD

Embedded Systems Emphasis

The Computer Science Department recently received approval to offer an Embedded Systems Emphasis within the CS Major. The emphasis includes the three course sequence CS 272 (Digital Circuit Design for Microcontrollers I), CS 372 (Digital Circuit Design for Microcontrollers II) and CS 472 (Internet of Things). Compensating changes to the CS Major requirements keep total credits at 45, the same as the CS Major. Full details will appear in the online catalog this summer.

Distinguished Alumna

Shelmina Abji, UWL Computer Science graduate from 1985, received the Maurice O. Graff Distinguished Alumnus Award on Sept 23rd, 2017. After graduation from UWL, Shelmina went to work for ETA Systems, a super-computer manufacturer, before moving to IBM and eventually becoming Vice President of the IBM Global Microsoft Alliance. The department is very proud to have Shelmina as one of our graduates.

Carl Wimberly Award

At the 52nd UWL International Banquet, Prof. Mao Zheng received the W. Carl Wimberly Founders Award for International Partnerships. Prof. Zheng joined the Computer Science Department in 2002 and has been very active in promoting international partnerships.

Tutoring Sessions

Tutors are available to help students in CS 120 and CS 220. Tutoring hours are Monday and Tuesday 4:00-6:00, and Thursday 6:00-8:00. Tutors will be located in the departmental CS lab in the basement of Wing Technology.

Exit Survey

The CS Department gives a brief survey to all graduating students; both graduate and undergraduate. Responses to one of those question is summarized below along with departmental commentary in red.

Is there any information you wish you would have known early in your academic career?

  • I wish I would have known about all of the degree options within the CS major
    • BS Cybersecurity
    • BS Embedded Systems
    • Master of Software Engineering
    • 5 year BS / MSE (three variations)
    • Computer Engineering
  • How important it is to start project work early and stay on top of it
  • I wish I had gotten more involved with some of the CS clubs and that more information was broadly available
  • How having a Linux/Unix-based laptop would be very useful
  • Where to look for internships
  • What minors UWL offers and how those minors might affect my CS schedule
    • Talk to your advisor