CS421 workflow for the semester

Here is my basic plan for how posting material and expecting work from you for the rest of the semester.

I will be planning video lectures and homework week-by-week. Homework will be due to Autolab on Tuesdays and on Fridays at 5pm. By any given Monday (let call it Day 0), I hope to post:

  • The videos that I expect you to watch that week (over Days 1 to 7) on Canvas
  • The homework due on that Friday (Day 4) and the next Tuesday (Day 8).

Of course I would prefer to be ahead of that schedule — ideally, I’d post all that material I describe for Monday before the weekend. It happened this week, but we’ll see how long that lasts!

I plan to organize some sort of anline appointments or office hours, but have not yet figured that part out.

Please also check the test videos and respond to the computer resources survey if you have not already done so.

See also: CS421 homepage

CS421 Bag functions trap

In the bag functions exercise, be careful about using natlist functions which you do not define.

Since your BagFunction.v file defines its own natlist, you cannot just use the natlist functions from the book like app — you would need to copy them into your BagFunction.v, in between the Inductive for natlist and your bag functions.

If you getting strange type error messages (usually involving something about a type list X), it is a sign of forgetting to bring in these definitions to your BagFunction.v. Since you did not define your app on natlist, Coq assumes you mean a different function app, from one of its standard libraries, which uses a different implementation of list (and we will discuss this version of linked lists tomorrow).

See also: CS421 homepage

CS421 Canvas quiz converted to Autolab assignments

On the course homepage, I had promised a Canvas quiz for this week. As I started to write the quiz, I realized that this material was better suited to exercises. So these are now listed on the schedule on the homepage as exercises due on Autolab.

If you have used Autolab in a previous class, you account credentials should be the same. If you have not used Autolab in a previous class, then I have already created your account, and you need only to reset your password. Your Autolab login is your full university email address, xyz123@uwlax.edu, but your Autolab password is not the same as your university NetID password — Autolab is not linked to those passwords. For more information about Autolab, I have a separate page about its use (that page uses a Java file as its example, but the idea is the same — submit the .v file).

See also: CS421 homepage

CS421 On late demos

The syllabus at the beginning of the semester did not explicitly address late demos. I have updated the syllabus as follows:

Partial credit can be earned for demos completed late. Some or all
of a problem set can be demoed:

  • In the demo period immediately after the one where it was due,
    for an overall grade for that demo capped at 16/20.
  • In the demo period two demo periods after the one where it was
    due, for an overall grade for that demo capped at 12/20.

See also: CS421 homepage