CS421 Canvas quiz converted to Autolab assignments

On the course homepage, I had promised a Canvas quiz for this week. As I started to write the quiz, I realized that this material was better suited to exercises. So these are now listed on the schedule on the homepage as exercises due on Autolab.

If you have used Autolab in a previous class, you account credentials should be the same. If you have not used Autolab in a previous class, then I have already created your account, and you need only to reset your password. Your Autolab login is your full university email address, xyz123@uwlax.edu, but your Autolab password is not the same as your university NetID password — Autolab is not linked to those passwords. For more information about Autolab, I have a separate page about its use (that page uses a Java file as its example, but the idea is the same — submit the .v file).

See also: CS421 homepage