Computer Science Major: Embedded Systesms Emphasis

This program awards a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on embedded systems. In addition to learning the computer science fundamentals in software, hardware and theory, the embedded systems emphasis focuses on designing and implementing devices using embedded controllers. A person with this degree will know how to integrate microcontrollers, sensors and related devices; understand and utilize inter-device communications and bus standards; and design and implement software applications consisting of microcontroller code that connects to cloud applications.

Required CS Coursework:

  • CS 120 Software Design I
  • CS 220 Software Design II
  • CS 225 Discrete Computational Structures
  • CS 270 Introduction to Computer Organization
  • CS 272 Digital Circuit Design for Microcontrollers I
  • CS 340 Software Design III: Abstract Data Types
  • CS 370 Computer Architecture
  • CS 372 Digital Circuit Design for Microcontrollers II
  • CS 421 Programming Language Concepts
  • CS 441 Operating System Concepts
  • CS 442 Structure of Compilers
  • CS 472 Internet of Things

Additional Information

Several additional program requirements are listed in the undergraduate catalog.