Dual Degree BS Computer Science (UWL) / BS Engineering (UW-Madison)

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Students with a computer science major who are also interested in engineering are able to receive both a Bachelor of Science (computer science major) from UW-La Crosse and a Bachelor of Science (engineering major) from UW-Madison. At UW-La Crosse students must complete a minimum of 85 credits, including the General Education requirements and specific math and science courses in preparation for the engineering program. Students should consult with the computer science department chair (or designee) for specific course advising for this agreement. Approximate time to complete the program is five years; three years at UW-La Crosse and two years at UW-Madison.

Students who express interest in the dual degree program will be selected for entrance into the UW-Madison portion of the program based on a minimum B (3.00) average in all course work; a minimum B (3.00) average in the chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics course work required by the program; and the positive recommendation of the UW-La Crosse Computer Science Department Chair (or designee). Qualified UW La Crosse applicants are assured admission in the College of Engineering at UW-Madison. In order to receive the B.S. degree (computer science major) from UW La Crosse, students must complete credits (to total a minimum of 120 credits) in engineering at UW-Madison and transfer these credits to to UW-La Crosse. For the typical student, the remaining credits must include at least 8 credits at the 300 level or above. This transfer of the credits and awarding of the B.S. degree (computer science major) by UWL can take place as soon as the student earns the necessary credits.