Five-Year Dual Degree for BS Computer Science/Master of Software Engineering (MSE)

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Students with a computer science major who are also interested in software engineering are able to receive both a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science and a Master of Software Engineering (MSE) from UW-La Crosse.

Students may be accepted into the dual degree program anytime before they have completed seventy-five undergraduate credits hours. Applicants for undergradu- ate admission to UWL may request admission into the dual degree program. In order to remain in the program students must maintain a 3.00 GPA. Award of the BS degree will occur upon completion of 120 credits, the C-S major require- ments, the SAH college requirements, and the general university requirements. Students must have graduate student status prior to registering for their fourth graduate course (normally in the second semester of their 4th year.) Award of the MSE degree will occur after the completion of the BS and MSE requirements.

Students in this dual degree program should complete CS 120, 220, 225, 270, 340, 370, 421, 441, 442, MTH 207 and 208 and 9 credits of 300 or 400 level CS electives (excluding CS 341) by the end of their 3rd year. During the senior year students should complete CS 741, 743, 742, 546 and 3 graduate level MSE credits. In the fifth year students should complete CS 744, 3 graduate level MSE electives, and the capstone project. CS 546 and CS 741 will count toward the 41 credit hours of computer science required for the B.S. degree. CS 742, 743, 744, 12 credits of 798 (capstone project), and 9 credits of MSE electives will fulfill the MSE requirements.

Students should consult with the Department Chair or their CS faculty advisor for specific course advising for this agreement.