Alumni Panel

This panel was an opportunity to hear alumni, selected from each decade of our program's existence, talk about their experiences both as students and working in the field. The panel produced a very lively discussion. This was especially valuable for our students as it provided a reflection on what has changed and not changed about computer science over five decades as well as a deep perspective on what they can expect in their careers.

The panel consisted of

  • Mike Aspenson – 1973 | Employed in Aerospace and Defense business for over 36 years
  • Jon Otterstatter - 1983 | Co-founder of Preventice Solutions and (Chief Executive Officer and BOD member)
  • Chuck Pisula - 1995 | Senior Software Engineer at Apple
  • Jennifer Casper - 1998 | End-to-End Analytical Developer | MITRE Organization
  • Amy Higgins - 2015 | Former Google intern; Software Engineer at Capital One

We are very grateful for their willingness to participate in this event.