Software Development Lab

The main undergraduate software development laboratory consists of 24 iMac workstations and is located in Room 16 Wing Technology Center. The lab is available to all computer science majors and minors with an account. Programming language support includes Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Javascript, Haskel, Lisp, Prolog, Python, Scheme and other specialized langauages.

Great River Rocks Cluster

This is a 16 node compute and visualization cluster built on the Rocks Cluster software distribution. Each node consists of a Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GPU. Each node is connected to one display in a 4x4 visualization wall. The cluster is used for research projects in high-performance computing.

LittleFe Cluster

The LittleFe project has created the design for a 6 node Beowulf style portable computational cluster supporting shared and distributed memory applications as well as GPGPU parallelism. The department has a LittleFe cluster available for use in course projects.

Hardware Lab

To support projects in the Internet of Things the department maintains equipment for designing and fabricating PCB boards. This includes bionocular microscopes, hot air soldering equipment and PCB ovens.

Machine Learning Server

This server contains two NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs. The server is available for machine learning projects involving systems like TensorFlow and NVIDIA DIGITS.

Docker Server

Docker is a containerization system for software applications. Each container acts as a sandbox for a specific applications. Containers are easy to build, start and move between systems. The department operates a server where users can host containers to support specific projects.

Robotics Lab

This lab supports the robotics course and Lego robotics equipment as well as an Optitrack tracking system for programmatically controlling small quad-copters. The tracking system can also be deployed to provide a head tracked interface for the visualization wall.

Eucalyptus Cluster

Eucalyptus is an implementation of the Amazon AWS API. The Eucalyptus Cluster is a server cloud that allows faculty and students to create, configure, start and stop virtual servers.

3D Printers

The department has Makerbot Replicator 2, Lulzbot Taz 6 and Formlabs 2 printers that are available for special projects. The Makerbot and Lulzbot are fused deposition modeling printers that work with a variety of plastics include ABS, PLA and nylon. The Formlabs 2 printer is a stereolithography printer that works by using a scanning UV laser to polymerize a liquid plastic.

Large Format Touch Display

This display is a 55" LCD TV fitted with a touch screen overlay from PQLabs. The display supports a variety of multi-touch applications and can be used in a table format.