CS220 StringChecker Assignment 1.6

We can continue implementing method using what we have already implemented. For this assignment you should complete the prefixedByBasis and suffixedByBasis methods. The test class for today’s assignment includes tests for these two methods.

Testing this assignment. When AutoLab checks your code, it will use this test class Note that we have also added tests for getBasis with the new buildDouble sample.

Submission instructions. Following the overall specification for this sequence of assignments, submit only your StringChecker.java file to AutoLab. This assignment is due to the AutoLab server by 8:30am on Monday, September 18.

Avoid plagiarism. The course syllabus has further details about our expectations of academic integrity. In particular: You may not copy code from any other source and claim it as your own. You may not share any of your code with any other student for use in completing any of these assignments.

See also: StringChecker specification, CS220 homepage