Upcoming Events

CODERS Meeting
Thursdays | 4-5 pm | Wing 231CODERS is a group of students and faculty interested in outreach, diversity, engagement and retention.

Cookies w/CODERS
Mondays | 4-5 pm |Wing 16A weekly study time to meet other CS students, ask questions, work on projects, and of course...eat cookies! Put on by CODERS.

Meet & Pizza w/Fastenal
Wednesday, March 22, 5pm, 1142 Centennial Come have pizza and hear about recruiting info from Fastenal.

CS Distinguished Lecturer
Shafi Goldwasser
Mon April 3, Lectures 11 & 5pm2017 Distinguished Lecturer in Computer Science

MICS Conference
Fri-Sat April 7-8UWL CS Dept is hosting the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium.

Final Exams
May 8-12Make sure you know when your finals are for each class.



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Graduate Curriculum

Students in the program should complete 24 credits of course work and 12 credits of a capstone project. The course work consists of 5 core courses and 3 elective courses. It is recommended that as many required courses be completed as possible before the elective courses and capstone project. Any questions should be directed to the MSE program director.

Required Courses

CS 744 Management Issues in Software Engineering
CS 743 Software Verification and Validation
CS 742 Formal Methods in Software Development
CS 741 Software Engineering Principles
CS 546 Object-Oriented Software Development

Elective Courses

CS 752 Independent Study
CS 751 Seminar in Software Engineering
CS 750 Topics in Software Engineering
CS 571 Data Communications
CS 570 Parallel and Distributed Computing
CS 564 Advanced Database Management Systems
CS 556 Secure Software Development
CS 555 Fundamentals of Information Security
CS 554 Digital Image Processing
CS 553 Introduction to the Theory of Computation
CS 552 Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
CS 551 User Interface Design
CS 549 Advances in Software Engineering
CS 543 Topics in Operating Systems
CS 542 Structure of Compilers
CS 541 Operating System Concepts
CS 531 Introduction to Robotics
CS 521 Programming Language Principles
CS 519 Independent Study
CS 510 Free and Open Source Software Development
CS 502 Web Application Development

Capstone Project Work

CS 798 Software Development Project

Click here for Graduate Catalog and Curriculum