Upcoming Events

CODERS Meeting
Thursdays | 4-5 pm | Wing 231CODERS is a group of students and faculty interested in outreach, diversity, engagement and retention.

Cookies w/CODERS
Mondays | 4-5 pm |Wing 16A weekly study time to meet other CS students, ask questions, work on projects, and of course...eat cookies! Put on by CODERS.

Meet & Pizza w/Fastenal
Wednesday, March 22, 5pm, 1142 Centennial Come have pizza and hear about recruiting info from Fastenal.

CS Distinguished Lecturer
Shafi Goldwasser
Mon April 3, Lectures 11 & 5pm2017 Distinguished Lecturer in Computer Science

MICS Conference
Fri-Sat April 7-8UWL CS Dept is hosting the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium.

Final Exams
May 8-12Make sure you know when your finals are for each class.



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Sample Capstone Project Proposal

Every MSE student is required to submit a proposal for the capstone project before starting the project. The proposal must be approved by a department committee. The student must use this template to prepare the proposal and send the proposal to MSE program director. The student must also give a 15 - 20 minutes presentation before the department committee in order to get the approval.

Guidelines for writing Capstone Project Report

The MSE capstone project is a significant part of the program and has both an oral presentation and written report equivalent to a masters thesis. The organization and formating requirements for the written report are detailed below.

Information for Project Sponsors

The Computer Science Department gladly accepts projects from outside. While the intention is to get projects for the capstone project course in the MSE program (worth of 12 credits, equivalent to 4 courses), the Department also accepts projects of less complexity. These simple projects can be carried out as course projects. The MSE program has several courses that require the students to complete a software development project.

Some sample projects that are accepted by the MSE committee are given below; the project sponsors' information is not included because of privacy constraints.