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CODERS Meeting
Thursdays | 4-5 pm | Wing 231CODERS is a group of students and faculty interested in outreach, diversity, engagement and retention.

Cookies w/CODERS
Mondays | 4-5 pm |Wing 16A weekly study time to meet other CS students, ask questions, work on projects, and of course...eat cookies! Put on by CODERS.

Meet & Pizza w/Fastenal
Wednesday, March 22, 5pm, 1142 Centennial Come have pizza and hear about recruiting info from Fastenal.

CS Distinguished Lecturer
Shafi Goldwasser
Mon April 3, Lectures 11 & 5pm2017 Distinguished Lecturer in Computer Science

MICS Conference
Fri-Sat April 7-8UWL CS Dept is hosting the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium.

Final Exams
May 8-12Make sure you know when your finals are for each class.



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CS 202 Introduction to Web Design [Credits-3]
This course is an introduction to Web page design and website management. Students will be introduced to browser/server interaction, Web page design, techniques for creating media rich graphical interfaces, and ethical considerations regarding intellectual property rights and security. Students will receive hands-on experience in a variety of standardized Web technologies to develop dynamic, functional, and appealing Web pages. Prerequisite: CT 100 or CS 120 or familiarity with some programming language.
Offered: Occasionally
CS 224 Introduction to the __________ Programming Language [Credits 1-3]
This course presents the syntax and semantics of a particular programming language. Different offerings of the course will present different languages. Students are expected to be fluent in another programming language prior to enrollment. Prerequisite: a prior computer science course appropriate to the language being offered. (Repeatable for credit - maximum 6. Each repeat must be for a different language.)
Usually Offered: On Demand
CS 342 Software Testing Techniques [Credits-3]
As the size and complexity of software projects have grown, so has the importance of ensuring program correctness. This course examines the issues of program testing, validation, and verification. Course projects require students to construct test data and to analyze the correctness of several software systems. Prerequisite: CS 340.
Usually Offered: Spring Semester, Odd Years
CS 351 Simulation [Credits-3]
Programming computers to play games and imitate activities of systems such as drive-in facilities, check-out lanes, and computer operations. Topics include tests of goodness of fit, random number generators, simulated sampling, queuing theory, analysis of systems to be simulated, construction and validation of simulation programs, and interpretation of results. Prerequisites: CS 220 and MTH 207.
Usually Offered: Occasionally
CS 352 Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization [Credits-3]
An introduction to the fundamentals of computer graphics and its application to Scientific Visualization. Topics include basic imaging algorithms, geometric transformations, hidden surface algorithms, polygonal rendering, solid modeling, lighting models, and specialized graphics hardware. Prerequisites: CS 340 and MTH 207.
Usually Offered: Spring Semester, Even Years
CS 353 Analysis of Algorithm Complexity [Credits-3]
An in-depth analysis of the computational complexity of a wide range of algorithms for problems of fundamental importance to computer science. Algorithms to be examined include: sorting, pattern matching and various graph algorithms. Prerequisites: C-S 340 and MTH 207.
Usually Offered: Fall Semester, Even Years
CS 364 Introduction to Database Management Systems [Credits-3]
Introduction to the design and organization of database management systems. Topics include the relational data model, relational algebra, SQL query language, database software development, data security, normalization, client/server environments. Prerequisites: CS 220.
Usually Offered: Fall Semester
CS 395 Independent Study [Credits-3]
Individualized study of topics in computer science not covered by courses regularly taught in the department. Prerequisite: written consent of the instructor and the department chair. Repeatable for credit - maximum 6.
Usually Offered: Fall, Spring Semester, Summer Term
CS 402 Web Application Development [Credits-3]
This course will give a detailed description of the core concepts and general principles of Web application development. The course will cover various protocols, programming languages, scripting languages, data storage and security, layered software architectures, and graphical interface design as they relate to Web development. Students will apply these techniques to the development of medium scale Web application. Prerequisite: CS 340 or consent of instructor.
Usually Offered: Fall Semester, odd years.