2007-08 Members: Ruth Ann Benson, Kim Blum, Nicholas Cerwin, Tom Gendreau, Jim Jorstad, Rhonda Knox, Bruce May, Karen Palmer-Mclean, Nick Nicklaus, Dave Riley, Melissa Ruplinger, Jillian Schooley, Steven Senger (Chair), Gwyn Straker, Mary Beth Vahala, Kim Vogt, Ken Winter
Charge, Final Report
Minutes Summary and Distributed Documents
Organization and election of chair. Discussion of possible charges for the year. Budget updates.
Update on revenue and enrollment for fall 07. Discussion of Academic Fee Income Report and determination of revenue target.
AFIR-0708, AFIR-Notes
Discussion of draft committee charges for submission to the Chancellor. Discussion of the formation of an enrollment management committee.


Update on state budget and impact for UW-L. Discussion of centralized faculty salary savings pool. Discussion of planning for next biennium.
  Senate/Assembly-Comparison, LFB821, GA-Funding, FacultySalarySavings, UWS-Budget-Extract,
10/31/07 Discussion of Growth, Quality & Access alternative differential tuition proposal.
  GQA-Draft, JPB-GA-Plan-S07, JPB-GA-Alt-S07, GQA-Revenue, FundingTrends-NCA-Extract, PromotionCosts
11/07/07 Continued discussion and planning concerning the GQ&A differential tuition proposal. Discussion of funding trends document and faculty salary savings.
11/14/07 Continued discussion of Growth, Quality & Access.
  EnrollmentProjectionSummary, DifferentialTuitionRevenue, WorkloadProjection
11/28/07 Update on presentation of Growth, Quality & Access to Regents. Discussion of planning for next biennium.
12/12/07 Update on Regent approval of Growth, Quality and Access. Discussion and recommendation on GQ&A oversight committee.
  GQA_RegentSummary, GQA-RegentEnrollModel, GQA-RegentTuition
1/23/08 Discussion of GQ&A Draft Distribution Model for 2008-09
  UGrad-Diff-Tuition-08-12, Draft-GQA-Allocation, Draft-GQA-Model
1/30/08 Continued discussion of GQ&A Draft Distribution Model
2/13/08 Formation of Executive Committee for committee agenda.
  ExtraSectionFunding, FacultyShortage08, SystemwideBudgetInitiatives
2/20/08 Planning for future allocation of faculty positions from GQ&A
2/27/08 Discussion of centralized salary savings, IT Migration funding, 128 Acct Surcharge, Cost Saving Possibilities, Unfunded Mandates and Financial Obligations
  UWL_Common_Systems, CostSavingsAreas, FinancialObligations
3/5/08 Continued discussion of unfunded mandates and financial obligations. Discussion of IT Migration (past and present) and the way in which it has been funded. Discussion of suggested cost savings area previously developed by JP&B. Discussion of Common System Budget. (Documents distributed at the previous meeting.)
3/12/08 Presentation and discussion of a preliminary report from the Dean's on GQ&A faculty position allocations for fall 09.
3/26/08 Presentation and discussion of the campus 6-year capital plan.
  Capital Plan
4/2/08 Discussion of student survey results and resource allocation document.
  StudentSurveyPPT, StudentSurveyResults, AllocationProposal-v1
4/9/08 Discussion of revised resource allocation document.
4/16/08 Continued discussion of the resource allocation document.Presentation of college requests for faculty positions in fall 09.

CBA_Request, CLS_Request, SAH_Request, SupportCosts

4/30/08 Discussion of GQ&A assessment measures contained in resource allocation document.
  Combined_Request, Combined_Request_Notes, SystemDINsCover, SystemDINs, InstDINs, InstDINsList
5/7/08 Continued discussion of resource allocation document.
  CLS-Request-Memo-4.22, CLS-Request-Analysis
5/29/08 Updates on stadium contract, state budget and expected lapse. Discussion of GQ&A faculty position allocations and relation to expected lapse.

DRAFT 8/6/08

Discussion of improved UW-L financial situation and GQ&A faculty position allocations.

  Delaware Comparison, SAH Additional 1, SAH Additional 2
2006-07 Members: Kim Blum, William Doering, Tom Gendreau, Mark Gibson, Paula Knudson, John Mason, Bruce May, Karen Palmer-Mclean, Dave Riley, Steven Senger (Chair), Gwyn Stracker, Mary Torstveit, Mary Beth Vahala, Will Van Roosenbeek, Ken Winter, Calie Eck, Kaitlynn Radloff
Charge, Final Report
Minutes Summary and Distributed Documents
9/13/06 Organization and election of chair. Discussion of Growth & Access Planning/Communication Flowchart and formation of planning teams.
  GA_Planning, Team_Brainstorming
9/20/06 Updates on enrollment and revenue. Update on system policy changes on excess revenue. Planning for Growth & Access.
9/27/06 Discussion of Growth & Access and three recommendations regarding an implementation plan.
10/11/06 Update from Communication Council. Discussion of Growth & Access planning with respect to financial aid.
10/18/06 Discussion of Growth & Access planning with respect to financial aid and funding assumptions. One recommendation regarding planning for financial aid.
  CreditLoadAnalysis, CreditLoadRaw, AFIR-History
11/1/06 Discussion of Growth & Access planning.
  Waivers, UWL-TuitionComparison, UW-ClusterAnalysis
11/15/06 Update on work of planning teams. Presentation from Team 4. Analysis and discussion on finanicial aid, lower two economic quintiles, waivers, FTE & AFIR.
11/29/06 Update on Governor's budget, UWL funding sources, Growth & Access and Team 4. Discussion of UWL Foundation and Athletics.
12/13/06 Update on UWL differential tuition and academic initiatives. Update on Growth & Access planning timeline.
1/31/07 Update on budget transfers for system side billings. Discussion of campus differential tuition program.
2/21/07 Update on Governor's budget. Discussion of Growth & Access implementation model.
  FactbookInfo-0607, GA-Plan
2/28/07 Continued discussion of Growth & Access implementation. Motion to forward implementation model to the Chancellor.
3/28/07 Update on building commission, budget status, academic initiatives and Growth & Access.Discussion of per credit tuition alternative.
4/4/07 Continued discussion of per credit tuition alternative. Motion to forward implementation model to the Chancellor.
4/11/07 Continued discussion of Growth & Access planning.
2005-06 Members: Bill Cloclough, William Doering, Thomas Gendreau, Mark Gibson, Jim Jorstad, John Mason, Mick Miyamoto, Mike Nelson, Dave Riley (Chair), Steven Senger, Gwyn Straker, Mary Torstveit, Mary Beth Vahala, Katie Van Roosenbeek, Ken Winter
  Charge, Final Report
Minutes Summary and Distributed Documents
9/14/05 Organization and election of chair. Discussion of committee charge and Operational Efficiencies and Improvements Process.
9/21/05 Discussion and identification of items from Operational Efficiencies list for committee focus.
9/28/05 Discussion of enrollment targets and recruitment efforts.
10/5/05 Updates on system GPR, FTE, enrollment patterns and how current funds were spent. Discussion of Operational Efficiencies and Improvements: graduate enrollments and summer &j-term enrollments.
10/12/05 Updates on tuition estimates, sick leave conversion and travel. Continued discussion of Operational Efficiencies and Improvements. Discussion of IAS workload.
10/19/05 Update on travel regulations. Continued Discussion of Operational Efficiencies and Improvements: computer replacement, physical plant services.
11/2/05 Continued discussion of Operational Efficiencies and Improvements. Recommendations regarding summer and j-term as well as campus printing costs.
11/9/05 Updates on revenue and targets. Continued discussion of printing costs on campus. Discussion of Instructional Academic Staff workload.
11/16/05 Discussion of Instructional Academic Staff Committee.
11/30/05 Recommendations relating to IAS workload policy, voluntary reduction in appointment percentage for supervised enployees and campus printing costs.
12/14/05 Recommendation relating to funding of summer sections. Discussion of committee topics for spring semester.
2/1/06 Update on pay plan, transfers for system wide billings and PeopleSoft Financials.
2/15/06 Updates on student statistics, space use plan, travel and foreign business. Discussion of Yellow Taxi proposal to be presented to the regents in march.
2/22/06 Updates on extra section funding for next fall, tenure track positions, next year targets. Discussion of actual versus budgeted revenue for summer and fall 05. Recommendation to provide minimum of 2-year rolling contracts to academic staff.
3/1/06 Discussion of IAS titling, career progression and workloads. Discussion of Common Systems Review Group.
3/22/06 Discussion of summer undergraduate enrollment patterns. Discussion of Growth & Access Agenda.
2004-05 Members: Bill Cloclough, Billy Clow (Chair), Kathy Elgin, Mark Gibson, Wayne Jacobsen, Jim Jorstad, Sandi Krajewski, John Mason, Richard Mikat, Mike Nelson, Petra Roter, Matthew Spur, Steven Senger, Gwyn Staker, Joseph Tiffany, Mary Torstveit, Ken Winter
Charge, Final Report
Minutes Summary and Distributed Documents
2/2/05 Discussion of UWL FY05 tuition shortfall plan, summer sch production, section relief funding.
2/16/05 Update on new tenure track positions for fall 05. Discussion of Governor's budget recommendation for 2005-07 biennium.
3/2/05 Discussion of Work/Life funding proposal, Governor's budget proposal and UW-System Efficiency Measures.
3/9/05 Discussion of FY2006 budget reduction.Update on UWL Foundation capital campaign.
3/23/05 Discussion of Chancellor's Budget Process Guiding Principles and Governor's Efficiency Measures. Solicitation for input on budget cuts. Chancellor will make final decision and forward to system by Apr 15.
3/30/05 Update on in-state, out-of-state and new freshmen targets. Discussion of system document describing distribution of 200 administrative staff position reductions. List of vacancies being prepared for Chancellor review.
4/6/05 Discussion of UWL 2005-07 Biennial Budget Reallocations.


Update on Strategic Plan. Updates on Provost/CBO Efficiency Study.